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Yes, if a booking is cancelled less than 2 hours from scheduled appointment time, you will receive a $25 cancellation fee. There is no compensation for a scheduled appointment cancelled 2 hours or more from the start of the scheduled appointment.

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There is no difference in pay. All draws are scheduled in real time and if a draw is needed that day and you are available, you will receive the request.

No, there is not. All draws are scheduled in real time or booked at a later date and time. If a person need a draw same day and you are available based on your availability calendar, you will be noticed. We do not pay mileage. You selected the mile radius you are willing to cover based on standard rate.

You will need to setup a stripe account and you will receive payments bi-weekly. 

Yes, as an Independent Service Provider you will need all the necessary supplies and equipment to provide services for Mobile Medical Lab.

We have supplies and equipment for purchase. (Coming Soon)